BTChip HW.1 / Ledger Wallet Firmware Update

WARNING : you have to delete your seed (entering 3 wrong PIN codes, power cycling after each attempt) before performing the firmware update. Make sure you have a backup of your seed, or send your funds to a different address before doing so

Please verify that you installed the Drivers and Chrome Extensions before proceeding, then reload this page after installing them.

If an authorization window pops up right after installing the extensions, click it to grant access to the dongle

If the process crashes at some point, it can likely be recovered - remove the dongle, insert it again, reload the page and start the update again

Linux users : do not forget to update your udev rules to support 0x1807 and 0x3b7c

Security Card

If you wish to restore or associate a new Security Card, enter its 16 bytes key value here before updating. You can also create a Security Card (mandatory if you want to use Ledger Wallet with a HW.1 dongle)

Version 0.6 - 10.04.15_1 / for LW 1.0.2